Gastroscoop Silver Scope set

Karl Storz STZ 13821PKSK
Gastroscope, SILVER SCOPE® series, color system
PAL, sheath outer diameter 9.3 mm, working channel
diameter 2.8 mm, working length 1100 mm,
deflection up/down 210°/100°, deflection
left/right 120°/120°, field of view 140°, depth of
field 2 - 100 mm consisting of: 13821 PKS
Gastroscope 1x Irrigation Tube 1x Y-Irrigation
Tube 1x Pressure Compensation Cap, ETO cap 1x
Leakage Tester 1x Sealing Cap, for working
channel, package of 10 1x Cleaning Valve 1x
Suction Valve 1x Air/Water Valve 1x Valve Brush 1x
Bite Protector 1x Biopsy Forceps 3x Cleaning
Brushes, diameter 5 mm 1x Protective Film 1x Case