Standaard colonoscoop Silver Scope set

Karl Storz STZ 13925PKSK
Standard Colonoscope, with water jet channel
diameter 1.2 mm, SILVER SCOPE® series, color
system PAL, sheath outer diameter 12.9 mm, working
channel diameter 3.8 mm, working length 1600 mm,
deflection up/down 180°/180°, deflection
left/right 160°/160°, angle of view 160°, depth of
view 2 - 100 mm consisting of: 13925 PKS Standard
Colonoscope 1x Irrigation Tube, reusable 1x
Y-Irrigation Tube, reusable 1x Cleaning Adaptor 1x
Pressure Compensation Cap, ETO cap 1x Leakage
Tester 1x Sealing Cap, for working channel,
package of 10 1x Cleaning Valve, reusable 1x
Suction Valve, reusable 1x Air/Water Valve 1x
Valve Brush, for video endoscopes 1x Biopsy
Forceps 3x Cleaning Brushes 3x Cleaning Brushes,
flocked, for single use 1x Protective Film 1x Case
2x Keys for case