Karl Storz STZ 28272RKB
Système de support, en forme de L
Holding System, autoclavable, with quick release
coupling KSLOCK, consisting of: 28172 HR Rotation
Socket, to clamp to the OR table, for European and
US standard rails, with lateral clamp for height
and angle adjustment of the articulated stand
28272 HB Articulated Stand, reinforced version,
L-shaped, with one central clamp for all five
joint functions, height 48 cm, swivel range 52 cm,
with quick release coupling KSLOCK (female) 28272
UKN Clamping Jaw, metal, with axial intake,
clamping range 4.8 up to 12.5 mm, with quick
release coupling KSLOCK (male), for use with
instrument and telescope sheaths